I found the sessions informative and productive. You explained everything well and would always listen to what I had to say. After having 4 visits with you my sleep has certainly improved.
– Chloe, 26, HR Officer, Brisbane

My sleep is now fully functional, I wake up in the morning rested and energetic and I no longer spend time in the evening worrying about whether or how I’ll go to sleep.
– Kate, 35, Lutwyche

We were on our last legs before we came to see you and I can clearly say that we are still together because of those sessions and the impact they had on our relationship and our perspectives. We are doing really well.
– Suzie Yeates, 38, Author, Brisbane

I have regained back my old self. This has allowed me to achieve what I set out to do during the day both at work and at home.
– Andrew, 39, Brisbane

I would recommended Lars’ services 1000 times over. My word of advice is go even when you start having those thoughts saying you don’t need to go, and to never feel embarrassed or feel that your emotions are stupid, they mean something and Lars will help you work through it, either as a person, a couple or both.
– Chloe Baird, 22, Team Admin, Brisbane

I am happier, more productive and some would even say less ‘wired’. I have also picked up quality meditation skills which I believe will play an important part in the future of maintaining the right balance in the lives of busy professionals.
– Jason, Brisbane

Lars again and again gently challenged me to look further within myself for the resources to change the situation rather than try to work out how I had got to this place in my life. He provided support and a framework for me to address the underlying issues with more confidence. I always felt Lars was standing with me even when he was asking me to reflect on difficult areas of my life.
– Liam H, 52, Camp Mountain, Qld

I think our sessions with you were great! I liked your honest approach and you never pulled any punches. You said it how it was and I like that. I think that more couples need that approach. You were very empathetic too. I thought your whole approach was great. I would recommend you to all of my patients, to be honest.
– Andrew Orr, 43, Jamboree Heights, Brisbane

I learned that we as humans are not just victims of our genetic makeup, nor just passengers on our life journeys, but that we can take active steps to regain control of our state of being, by addressing the old emotional scars that have become the result of previous experiences.
– Daniel Gradwell, 35, Lennox Head, NSW

Our sessions with Lars were really beneficial, as we had the opportunity to flesh our issue out and were able to come up with some compromises that we were both happy with. We found it useful to have someone in the room who was able to guide us with our discussions. During the course of the sessions both of us learnt a lot about the other, and I honestly don’t think that this would have occurred without the help of Lars.
– Kim, 27 & Jon, 32, Norman Park

I now feel a lot more confident in my day to day activities, Lars’ ability to create realistic scenarios to help put things into an understandable perspective made a really big difference.
– Aaron Taylor, 18

I think that the most important thing that I got from it was that I am a person with my own needs and rights and I can’t spend my life trying to please others and be at their beck and call. I have finally found the courage to say no when I am not comfortable or don’t want to do something, and learning that skill has made such a big change in my life!
– Claire Pitcher, 44, Photographer, Bellbowrie

We would recommend Lars to anyone who wants to work on achieving a fulfilling relationship, whether it is with a partner, family or friends. He does not sugar coat your problems and cuts to the core of it with much needed tools and advice.
– D & Y Brown, Brisbane

With trying to deal with life, family and work, my challenge was to stay afloat and to do this I needed to understand my strengths. Trying to meet all demands in life is hard, but Lars was able to help me prioritise each life skill and to make room for my well being.
– David Baccinelli, 45, Insurance adviser, Brisbane

Lars had a huge impact on both of our lives. He made us see things differently and most importantly was someone my husband could confide in during his darkest times. His understanding and guidance really was life saving.
– Jess & Mat, Darra

My life is completely different now thanks to Lars. I can honestly say that having met him and working with him changed my life.
– Jesse Chenery, 22, Personal trainer, Brisbane

I never imagined I could get to the place where I’m at right now. Strength grows in moments you think you can’t go on but keep going anyway. Thanks Lars, I am forever grateful.
– Marian, 28, Business Analyst, Greenslopes

After each session, I would feel an incredible sense of inner-calm and motivation to achieve my goals. Lars helped me overcome major crises in my life. In addition, he provided me with some great tools which I use to this day to manage stress.
– Sam, 24, Recent University Graduate, Dalby, Qld

Lars made me see that it was ok to have different sides to my personality and that it’s ok to be a generalist. Exercises I carried out with Lars also made me see my inner critic in a different light, changing the way my inner voice now sounds. I would recommend Lars to family and friends as a wise, friendly, honest and intelligent man who is intuitive and also gives practical advice.
– Renée Bell, 36, Artist, Ipswich, Qld

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