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Other Services

As you will have noticed, this website is dedicated to Meaningful Life Coaching services. I do, however, also offer other related services.
This page provides brief descriptions of those other services and links to the relevant websites/pages where you can find out more.

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Personal Counselling and Psychotherapy

Personal Counselling is a process where you, as a client, have the opportunity to explore a particular problem, with the assistance of someone who is not involved in your personal life, and who is trained and experienced in listening and facilitating your own empowerment and ability to resolve your difficulties.

Individual Psychotherapy is a process which allows you to go into deeper explorations of your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and functioning, to increase your self-awareness and to resolve recurring problem patterns in your life.

However, rather than being two distinctly separate modalities, Counselling and Psychotherapy are in reality overlapping and often indistinguishable from one another, and counsellors and psychotherapists are commonly simply referred to as therapists.

Counselling and psychotherapy are both cooperative processes, based on a therapeutic relationship formed between therapist and client, where the therapist functions as a guide and facilitator for the client’s journey of self-exploration.

For a successful outcome of Counselling and Psychotherapy, scientific research has shown that the quality of this therapeutic relationship is even more important than the therapeutic techniques and approaches that are employed. It is therefore essential, that you choose a therapist who is right for you – someone who is skilful and experienced, and with whom you feel understood, supported and cared for.

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Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Being in a loving relationship is arguably the most beautiful and fulfilling experience that two people can have together. At the same time, ensuring that a relationship is – and continues to be – loving, is arguably also one of the most difficult challenges that two people can take on. 
So, to sometimes need the support, advice and guidance of marriage and relationship counselling is absolutely normal!

After working with hundreds of couples from all walks of life, it has become evident that there are certain fundamental principles that need to be in place for a relationship to be truly fulfilling.

Firstly, what fundamentally determines the quality of all connections between people, in relationships as well as in life generally, is their ability to be Authentic, Personal and Present with one another.

Secondly, to have a truly Fulfilling Relationship, the two people in the relationship must be committed to work together toward mutual satisfaction in every aspect of their life together.

The exact content of Marriage and Relationship Counselling for couples is of course always determined by each couple’s needs. Nevertheless, in marriage and relationship counselling, just as in personal counselling and individual psychotherapy, it is crucial that we first of all create a good therapeutic relationship. What this means is that the relationship between the counsellor/therapist and the clients is based on heartfelt understanding, so that you have a clear sense that I really get you; that I understand what is going on for you – emotionally as well as in the practical reality of your life together.

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Sleep problems and Sleep therapy

The vast majority of people who seek medical help for insomnia and similar common sleep problems are prescribed sleeping tablets, even though these may cause a range of side-effects, like daytime fatigue, cognitive impairments, impaired motor speed and coordination, and increased risk for motor vehicle and other accidents.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy is a drug-free treatment for sleep problems. It integrates elements which have been scientifically researched and proven effective for overcoming sleep problems; psychotherapy, sleep hygiene, stimulus control, behavioural interventions, cognitive therapy, physical and mental relaxation techniques, and non-trance elements from hypnotherapy.

Relax-the-Mind Sleep Therapy has proven to be a successful treatment for people anywhere on the sleep problems continuum; from people who only intermittently struggle to get good sleep at night, to people who have been dependent on sleeping tablets for years. It is a very effective program, that is increasingly recommended as the choice treatment both as a first-line and long-term solution for overcoming insomnia and other sleep problems.

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For people who live far away from the clinic, or who for other reasons prefer not to have their sessions in the clinic, there is the option of using the recorded online treatment for sleep problems; the “Relax the Mind to Sleep” online course.

The online course introduces exactly the same four stages of sleep therapy as the clinical program. As in the clinical program, each stage is practised for about a week, before you move on to the next stage. This way you are sure to experientially learn each practice thoroughly, and avoid overloading yourself with information – which would add more stress, rather than remove stress and relax the mind.

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Mindfulness meditation

The stress of high-paced life in modern society contributes to both physical and psychological ill health. While work tasks generally are less physically demanding than in the past, technological advances have caused the mental demands to increase exponentially. And not only at work. Riding the bus, driving your car, walking down the street, sitting down to eat – all day you are bombarded with information from computers, telephones, televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, and junk-mail in a never-ending stream.

The mind has an amazing capacity for dealing with all this information. Even so, there comes a time when you just have to give it some rest; to go for a walk in the forest, or go fishing, or simply go and sit on a rock by the ocean. The reality is, though, that you usually can’t just take off to the forest or the ocean whenever you need to relax the mind. This is when the practice of mindfulness meditation may be of help.

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Clinical supervision

Clinical supervision is an interpersonal process for developing treatment skills and professional competency, and is essential for successful functioning as a counsellor/psychotherapist (i.e. ‘therapist’). Clinical supervision is one of the most important processes for development of professional competence in therapists, and for enhancing the value of the therapeutic process for the client.

Seeking clinical supervision is not an indication that you are a failure as a therapist, but rather an indication that you are aware of the value of continual professional skills development, and that you are striving toward excellence in your chosen field of work. Ongoing clinical supervision is furthermore a requirement for clinical membership in professional associations for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Modern day clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists can be considered as a collaborative endeavour where supervisor and supervisee together are learning about the client, about therapy, and about themselves. The supervisor-supervisee relationship is recognised as being as crucial to the process of supervision as the therapist-client relationship is to the process and outcome of psychotherapy. It is therefore essential that the clinical supervisor you choose is someone who is not only qualified and experienced, but who is right for you – someone who works with a supervision approach that is non-judgemental, relaxed and supportive.

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