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• Functional age in online dating

Marriage and relationship
Anyone who has at some point explored online dating will be familiar with the particular version of ageism that exists on these sites. All (presumably) online dating sites have in common that age is a prominent feature of member profiles. And, typically, people who visit these sites in order to actively search for a new partner – or just a new [...]

• What’s in a name?

Marriage and relationship
While this is not a common or big issue in couples counselling, it does sometimes come up. It is a fascinating subject, and largely overlooked in relation to how our modern society functions. The issue can be captured by one, or both, of these questions: • What surname should we give our child(ren)? • If we get married, which surname should we [...]

• Relationship communication; Facts and Stories

Marriage and relationship
Relationship communication can be tricky. Words as well as body language are subject to interpretation to be correctly understood. For words, at least, there are dictionaries that can help us establish their meaning, even though in most relationship communication circumstances it would be very odd if we had to read the dictionary in order to [...]
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