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I was born and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. I first arrived in Australia in 1988, and established a private practice in Brisbane in 1992, providing Meaningful Life Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy services face-to-face, over the phone and online.

My fundamental training background was in Gestalt Therapy. Yet, three decades of research and practice has taught me that one size does not fit all. Each client is a unique individual, and to achieve the desired results my approach will always be tailored to the personality of the client.

Equally, each individual client has their own path to a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. And of course, their own challenges to deal with on their path. My work is all about helping my clients overcome the challenges they are faced with, and to provide the inspiration they need when the going gets tough. As it does for all of us from time to time.


  • Master of Gestalt Therapy;
    Gestalt Therapy Brisbane, 2011
  • Master of Mental Health (Psychotherapy);
    School of Medicine, University of Queensland, 2009
  • Diploma of Gestalt Therapy;
    Brisbane Gestalt Institute, 2005
  • Diploma of Analytic Hypnotherapy;
    Qld Hypnosis Society, Brisbane, 1992
  • Certificate of NLP;
    Myndslink, Brisbane, 1992
  • Bachelor of Education;
    University of Stockholm, 1982
  • Certificate of Gestalt Therapy;
    tpi SAMverkan, Stockholm, 1980
  • Master of Science (Physics Engineering);
    Royal College of Technology, Stockholm, 1976


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Every human being is striving to be the best they can be. In one way or another you want to be successful; in your occupation, in your relationships to others, in your personal growth, and/or in some other area of life.

True Success in any area of life is best measured by the degree of genuine fulfilment that you experience in your day-to-day existence. And this in turn is determined by your ability and willingness to be Authentic, Personal, and Present in all your actions and interactions.

It is My Mission to help you tackle any challenges you encounter on your path to success. To help you live your life with purpose and passion. To help you have a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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The fact that ‘mindfulness’ originates in Buddhist practices does not at all mean that practising it is of interest only to people who are interested in meditation and spiritual practices, or who wish to become Buddhists. Far from it.

Mindfulness practice has its place in everyday life, for everyone. It is about being ‘switched-on’, being awake and present to your experiences, to notice what is happening in each moment of life, to fully experience the ‘flavour’ of each experience, rather than being lost in thoughts, conceptualisations, opinions and judgements about your experiences.

Experiencing the full ‘flavour’ of each moment makes all of life’s experiences richer. It allows you to be less reactive to all experiences – positive, negative or neutral – so that suffering decreases and well-being and harmony increase.

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In a face-to-face meeting I get a better sense of who you are and where you are at, since in a face-to-face meeting you are present as a whole person.

Communication takes place on so many different levels; words, tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, eye movements, etc. And regardless of how exquisite modern technology is, it still can’t convey the full scope of all of those communication components.

So, meeting in person helps me understand you better, e.g. in regards to your self-awareness, your strengths, your difficulties, and also your emotional-psychological state.

Equally, because I am also present as a whole person, you probably get a better sense of who I am, where I am at, and how well I understand you, when we meet in person.


Meeting face-to-face, in person, is always the recommended option, for personal life coaching as well as for relationship coaching. There are, however, situations when this  simply is not feasible. And thanks to modern technology, like the internet and even the standard telephone, then there is also the option of online life coaching or life coaching over the phone.

You may consider Life Coaching Online or over the phone…

if you live in a remote area, or live too far from my office to be able to attend in person;

or if your circumstances prevent you from seeing me in person;

or if you don’t feel that you are quite ready yet for meeting in person;

or if you simply don’t feel the need for face-to-face coaching;

or for other reasons of your own.



17 Elizabeth St Sherwood QLD 4075 Australia


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